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UCT Working On Library Exhibition


Its been over a year since destructive fires swept over Table Mountain and the University of Cape Town (UCT) Jagger Library. Experts and university alumni are among the individuals that have also played their part in reviving the iconic library.

UCT had exhibitions that told the story of the salvage and recovery of the ancient yet important collections of the iconic library.

The Jagger Library was the main reading room of the university and home to the African studies collection, which started in 1953.

According to reports, the fire hadn’t reached collections that were on the two basements of the library.

Experts, staff members, and the university’s alumni, played a role in reviving what was lost in the fire and making prototypes of some of the collections.

It has been reported that there is an exhibition in the pipeline, that will showcase interesting collections.

In an interview, Lewis confirmed:

The exhibition is set to take place within the next month or two. Keep an eye on UCT’s website for more details on it and to see the exhibition for yourself.

According to Lewis, members of the public shared their ideas about what they felt the library should look like through drawings and discussions with the project management team of the library.

UCT architecture students and grade 6 – 7 learners also gave their input on how the library should look through building blocks, drawings, and various creative tools.

Considering the thinking and planning that goes through a vigorous process, Lewis shared that building a facility at UCT is not easy.

Through this project, the Re-Imagining Jagger Library Project team said that it wants to do something more inclusive, and generate more ideas, as they think of a way around what the library could be.

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