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Will NSFAS Pay For AIE Courses?


The Academic Institute of Excellence offers a range of courses at its campuses but will NSFAS fund your studies at this institution?

The Academic Institute of Excellence (AIE) is one of South Africa’s leading learning institutes that aims to provide an innovative approach to accessing high quality education by making use of modern technology.

AIE offers the following courses:

  • Information Technology and Data Science
  • Draughting and Technical Design
  • Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance
  • Engineering and Science
  • Visual Design, Marketing and Branding
  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Design

So are these courses covered by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)?

The answer is no, they are not covered by NSFAS as they are a private higher education institution and NSFAS only covers public universities and TVET colleges.

However, AIE does offer financial aid solutions should a student need help paying for their tuition.

If a student fully settles their tuition fees they will be given an upfront settlement discount on all courses.

If a student does not have enough funds for a full settlement then they should consider getting a bank loan from banks such as Capitec Bank and Standard Bank or they should consider a student loan from Fundi.

Once they have secured a loan they will automatically qualify for the upfront settlement discount provided the account is settled in full before they start the course.

AIE also has internal finance options such as AIE Financial Solutions which provides students with repayment terms should they have reputable income streams and if the student has no income stream they can get a sponsor to apply on their behalf.

Click here to find out how AIE Financial Solutions works

For more information on AIE, click here.

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