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NCCC Graduate Admission & Requirements


The NCCC Graduate Admission requirements for the academic year have been released. The article contains the list of admission requirements for Admission Applications that have been accepted in the school.

The management of NCCC Admission has released the list of Graduate requirements for admission into the institution.

NCCC Graduate Admission & Requirements

  1. Proof of High School Completion
    (For current HS seniors: in-progress transcripts. For HS graduates: final transcript, diploma, or GED certificate)
    *If you are applying to participate in college courses before you graduate from high school, please see our High School Partnership page, or apply as a non-degree-seeking student.
  2. Proof of Immunizations
    Proof includes documentation of two inoculation dates for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella and two inoculation dates for Varicella or a verified date that you had the Chicken Pox. (Varicella is not required for anyone born before 1980). These records can be ordered from your pediatrician or your current doctor’s office. There will be a “Proof of Immunization” document in your application portal that you can give to your doctor’s office. You may also request a “titer” test. A “titer” test is a lab test that shows your immunity levels. Talk with your doctor’s office or a local medical lab to request this option.
  3. College Transcript
    (If you have completed any collegiate-level classes.) Official transcripts will be required to transfer your college credit. Request the transcript from the institution where you earned the credit. After requesting the official transcript, fill out the Credit Evaluation Form, so we can evaluate it and award credit.

Northwestern Connecticut Community College (NCCC) Contact

Main College Phone Number


Mailing Address

Northwestern Connecticut Community College
Park Place East
Winsted, CT 06098


Email: admissions@nwcc.edu
Phone: 866.526.6008

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